Type alias BlockMetadataTransaction

BlockMetadataTransaction: {
    accumulator_root_hash: HashValue;
    changes: WriteSetChange[];
    epoch: U64;
    event_root_hash: HashValue;
    events: Event[];
    failed_proposer_indices: number[];
    gas_used: U64;
    hash: HashValue;
    id: HashValue;
    previous_block_votes_bitvec: number[];
    proposer: Address;
    round: U64;
    state_change_hash: HashValue;
    state_checkpoint_hash?: HashValue;
    success: boolean;
    timestamp: U64;
    version: U64;
    vm_status: string;

A block metadata transaction

This signifies the beginning of a block, and contains information about the specific block

Type declaration

  • accumulator_root_hash: HashValue
  • changes: WriteSetChange[]

    Final state of resources changed by the transaction

  • epoch: U64
  • event_root_hash: HashValue
  • events: Event[]

    The events emitted at the block creation

  • failed_proposer_indices: number[]

    The indices of the proposers who failed to propose

  • gas_used: U64
  • hash: HashValue
  • id: HashValue
  • previous_block_votes_bitvec: number[]

    Previous block votes

  • proposer: Address
  • round: U64
  • state_change_hash: HashValue
  • Optional state_checkpoint_hash?: HashValue
  • success: boolean

    Whether the transaction was successful

  • timestamp: U64
  • version: U64
  • vm_status: string

    The VM status of the transaction, can tell useful information in a failure

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