Type alias IndexResponse

IndexResponse: {
    block_height: U64;
    chain_id: number;
    epoch: U64;
    git_hash?: string;
    ledger_timestamp: U64;
    ledger_version: U64;
    node_role: RoleType;
    oldest_block_height: U64;
    oldest_ledger_version: U64;

The struct holding all data returned to the client by the index endpoint (i.e., GET "/"). Only for responding in JSON

Type declaration

  • block_height: U64
  • chain_id: number

    Chain ID of the current chain

  • epoch: U64
  • Optional git_hash?: string

    Git hash of the build of the API endpoint. Can be used to determine the exact software version used by the API endpoint.

  • ledger_timestamp: U64
  • ledger_version: U64
  • node_role: RoleType
  • oldest_block_height: U64
  • oldest_ledger_version: U64

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