Type alias MoveFunction

MoveFunction: {
    generic_type_params: MoveFunctionGenericTypeParam[];
    is_entry: boolean;
    is_view: boolean;
    name: IdentifierWrapper;
    params: MoveType[];
    return: MoveType[];
    visibility: MoveFunctionVisibility;

Move function

Type declaration

  • generic_type_params: MoveFunctionGenericTypeParam[]

    Generic type params associated with the Move function

  • is_entry: boolean

    Whether the function can be called as an entry function directly in a transaction

  • is_view: boolean

    Whether the function is a view function or not

  • name: IdentifierWrapper
  • params: MoveType[]

    Parameters associated with the move function

  • return: MoveType[]

    Return type of the function

  • visibility: MoveFunctionVisibility

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